Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm alive!

To all three of my faithful readers, sorry I've been gone so long! I guess it's hard to remember to do something every day.

Anyway, I made a really good chicken salad. I bought one of those precooked chickens they sell at the super market and used the breasts for this salad. See, at work we do the same thing, but they always want the chicken chunks to be tiny and, well, spreadable. I prefer to reserve spreadable meats for pates and have my salad full of recognizable pieces. This may have something to do with the fact that if my try to eat a lot of something with the same texture throughout I get grossed out.

Anyway, my salad is made of two "chunked" chicken breasts, a sliced red bell pepper, two green onions sliced, baby spinach, mayo (store bought this time), mustard, and some of this Walla Walla horseradish mustard I bought at my produce store. The horseradish mustard really gave it a little brush of heat that was pretty pleasing upon the palate. I served this on flat bread from a local bakery, with lots of fresh ground pepper.

on another note, what do you think of my pictures? These were taken with my camera phone. Until such time as I find my camera's cable (I'm sure it's around here somewhere) I will be using my phone.

What are your favorite sandwich salads?

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