Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes you've got to live a little, and if that means homemade, peppered bacon pizza then that means homemade, peppered bacon pizza.

I'm not going to give the recipe for this because I used the first dough recipe I found on the internet (ended up with a very harsh yeast flavor) and the rest was just toppings. Those were the quintessential tomato paste, a mozzarella/cheddar cheese combination, bacon, mushrooms and olives. I am a die-hard mushroom/olive fan. I can eat pizza without them, but unless it's just an average pizza it seems a bit lacking.

In any event, I'm probably not going to make pizza again for a while. I'm going to wait until I get my grubby little mitts on a stand mixer, then I'm going to follow the good eats recipe, which requires fifteen minutes of machine mixing (half an hour by hand) and twenty-four hours of resting. I'm sure it's fantastic, but I'm not kneading anything for half an hour.

Making pizza at home is definitely the way to go though. Including a brand new bag of whole wheat flour (I substituted half the white flour with whole wheat), three cans of of pizza paste (I've only used like a quarter of one), a can of olives (only half the can), a brick of mozzarella, and the mushrooms it was only like ten dollars (I used left over bacon). Ten dollars for a delicious and somewhat nutritious pizza. Homemade pizza is definitely where it's at.

In short, I love peppered bacon and pizza and cheap eats that are also delicious, so this pizza was very satisfying. I suggest you also make pizza.


  1. Its days like this that I remember why you are Awesome.

  2. Looks delicious! I'm an olive-mushroom person too but must also have onions and crumbly sausage.

  3. Pishkite: You only love me for my pizza skills.

    Connie: Mmm.... crumbly sausage.