Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Metropolis and Potato Salad

So, I accidentally bought more red potatoes than what we really need in our pantry (the results of grocery shopping from memory). There could only be one solution: potato salad.

Hitting the recipe books, I stumbled across Cold-Fashioned Potato Salad.

The recipe calls for letting the potatoes marinate in the apple cider vinegar over night, but I really wanted to eat it the same night, so I went onto Netflix streaming (another Christmas present) and watched the almost fully restored version of Metropolis. That movie is long. The score is fantastic, and the protagonist, Freder, looks a little bit like Johnny Depp when he was younger (read "less like a sexy hobo").

When The Boyfriend came back from classes, I had the salad on the table with two sausages (Italian sausages, but I figured you couldn't go wrong with a potato / sausage combination). He took a bite of the salad and said "I love you just a little bit more now."

I was going to take another picture, a close up to show you that it is actually a pretty colorful salad (dark green pickles, red onion, light green celery, black pepper), but two things happened. For one, my camera ran out of batteries so I had to start charging them. For two, we ate all the salad.

Ah well, I suppose I'll get have to make this salad again so I can take more pictures. I'm sure that'll be the only reason.

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  1. Sounds delicious. I agree you don't need to marinate over night, although making enough so substantial leftovers can sit overnight guarantees even more loving thoughts next day as all parties enjoy the deep intimacy of flavors achieved over night.:-)
    I firmly believe that all you need to do is toss still hot sliced potatoes in a generous amount of any favorite vinaigrette, let it stand a bit until taters are cooler then add everything else and chill for 30 min or more before eating. Heaven!