Saturday, March 5, 2011

Remember me?

That picture above is from the Samurai Noodle website.

Yesterday (Friday) I went to the Emerald City Comic Con. It was loads of fun, especially listening to James Marsters talk about his career and such. Even as an American brunette, he's still swoon worthy.

But you've come here for food related news!

Yesterday, I just had a bowel of cereal before making the drive to the convention center and then walked around for hours in the very noisy dealers' room having lost The Boyfriend. By the time I caught up to him again, I was pretty hungry so we decided to head out to Samurai Noodle.

Samurai Noodle is a shop that was recommended to me years ago by Minori, my Japanese exchange student friend. I had forgotten my camera and haven't had any real luck with my cell phone camera, but I did order the tonkotsu ramen shown above. The noodles were nice and chewy, and the broth was super thick. It must be all that "beauty enhancing" collagen.

The Boyfriend ordered the shouyu ramen. I snuck a spoonful of his broth which was also very good and a little refreshing after the heaviness of my broth.

We also shared an order of pork shumai which was served with shouyu, hot mustard and mayonnaise. I, sheltered being that I am, hadn't really had dumplings served with mayonnaise before, and it was pretty delicious. One of those things I know I shouldn't do, but will start doing at home. I suspect it will really only work with Kewpie style mayonnaise though.

I guess in summary, I liked the food at Samurai Noodle and will probably go back.

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