Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The thing about hobbies

is that they take a back seat when your life gets busy.

This is a maguro-don that I made... two weeks ago?

You see, I've developed a weakness for raw fish. When cooking up some salmon for dinner I'll "trim" a small piece off, dip it in a little wasabi and eat it while I fry up the rest. I generally buy fish from the Korean market (because it's cheaper) and it's usually labeled "sushi/sashimi" grade.

"Maguro" means fatty tuna and "-don" means "on or in a bowl of hot rice" (roughly). So I cut up some raw tuna, added some shredded nori, some rice vinegar, some wasabi and some mentsuyu sauce. I gently mixed it up and then gobbled it down. It's for those of us who lack the knife skills of a sushi chef (which is most of us) and can't afford to get full at a sushi restaurant (which is most of us).

Two things.

One: sushi is generally supposed to be this "high", aesthetic experience where you eat one or two pieces and are very satisfied because they were so skillfully prepared. I have eaten that kind once (on my rich friend's dad's dime). Cheaper sushi is still delicious, but it's less of an experience and more of a "let's get an expensive dinner" kind of thing.

Two: Mentsuyu sauce is a soy, mirin, dashi mix that is generally used for eating somen. It is handy to keep around and add to savory things. I especially like it on pan fried broccoli.

In conclusion, raw fish is delicious and you shouldn't let your wallet or your knife skills prevent you from eating it.

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