Friday, September 3, 2010

At the fair!

So, first off: chickens.

The Boyfriend and I went to the local fair/rodeo. The 4H group had their usual presentation of animals about. The one thing that I keep wondering but never work up the courage to ask is: are these animals meant for consumption?

I tend to be a person who lumps animals into three categories; for eating, not for eating, might be a danger. I might add that the lines can blur (snakes anyone?)

These giant, dill pickles were only 50 cents each. It was part of an "old west" exhibition that I assume the county has its hand in, considering there were also penny candies.

And there is my shadow, woefully reminding me that I am inept at taking pictures.

This was a sausage sandwich from a stand I worked at last year. The sausage ingredients are a secret recipe (even the owner's wife is in the dark), but it is a damned fine sandwich with grilled veggies on top.

on a side note, I have always wondered how places can have secret recipes. I mean, curry producers always get around it by keeping the proportions a secret, but the USDA is always like "What if someone is deadly allergic to hog jowls? They need to know if they're in there!". (I actually agree very much with the access to ingredient lists.) Maybe they just haven't caught up to him?

I also purchased a strawberry short cake and promptly devoured it without taking a single photo. It was um... whipped creamy... and um... it had some... red... strawberry bits and um... cake... underneath.

Hey look! A distraction!

Anyway, if you have some fair food memories or comments, feel free to leave them here!

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  1. I went to Lake-fair, in Olympia.
    And I had been living with Dani, who is a total health food nut. Which is great and all, but I was craving junk-food. And there, at the carnival was all sorts of junk-food. Fair-food.
    It was expensive and lacking in flavor.
    Not as fun as I was hoping.

    As for fair memories of food, I have none, for I am eating nigh constantly at my Spain-Mother's hand. She keeps me well fed with traditional Spanish, Basque, and Mexican foods.
    She's quite the cook. I should get her patata tortilla (the Spanish version, that's like a big ol' loaf of Potato Omelet) for you.