Monday, September 13, 2010

Wing Central, or, my first time in a sports bar

Yesterday, my good friend Lisa had agreed to hang out with me. Then she found out that the Seattle Seahawks were having their first game of the season and offered to buy me lunch. Stephanie also came to watch the game. There was a T.V. at every table.

It being Wing Central, I had to pass up on the "PBJ Burger" and get the "Kung Fu Wings" instead. They were about a medium heat, which was good enough for me, and very tangy. Trying to eat these sticky wings and not get the sauce all over my phone while I took pictures was quite the feat, I'll have you know.

That's the garbage bucket.

So, we ordered "No Smoochin' Garlic fries" which were a delightful waffle fry with garlic sauce and Parmesan cheese over the top.

The waitstaff, either by virtue of being understaffed on a game day or because they didn't like us, kept forgetting about us. First they forgot the fries (which were an appetizer and thus should have been the first thing served), then they forgot my over priced beer, and it took forever to get checked out.

We left at half time to go to the bar at which Lisa's boyfriend works.

That, my friends, is delicious American heritage.

Apparently before prohibition, apples were for brewing, not for eating. I am currently dabbling in making apple cider but that's still a week away, and I wanted to drink it now. It was delicious.

My friends and I mused on how after a rhino smashed your barrel of apples you basically had to make it into cider, because they can't be kept for long after they bruise.

Long story short, Wing Central had tasty food, but was over priced and had poor service.


  1. Apple Cider, eh? Alcoholic Cider, or just the Juice? I told you about the tea-wine and the sack I tried to make this summer, yeah? Alcohol is tricky.

  2. (from the Boy Friend's mom) Before you leave Ellensburg, you have to try the Iron Horse. As I understand it, they sometimes have a cooking with beer night...

  3. I adore their yellow jacket wings. Spicy, vinegary honey mustard. Mmmmm. I might have to come visit again just to have those.

  4. "Pishkite":

    All apple cider used to be "hard" (prohibition ruined many lovely things). I am, indeed making apfelwein

    Katharine: I still need to try one of their beers!

    Lil (a presumed Lilian?):

    I'll probably come back, despite the shoddy service. Those wings were mighty tasty.

  5. I am intrigued by the PBJ Burger.

  6. I recently developed a tooth for hotwings, when I learned the following: Lots of newer sauces contain sugar, but the original recipe is just a good hot sauce dumped to taste into bubbling melted butter and cooked for a few minutes then poured over previously fried, drained wings and tossed. You can salt, pepper, garlic, powder, and paprika the raw wings and dust with flour before frying according to one of my friends who makes them regularly. A wings place started up in my neighborhood that uses and will sell you a mason jar of their version of the classic recipe with the addition of what tastes/feels like a bit of very finely minced onion and garlic. I do like me some wings from this place occasionally although I always have to get them to go because while the clientele is a generous mix of all ages, the music is WAY TOO LOUD:-)