Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Egg Drop Soup, Egg flower soup, Egg dropping flowers soup?

To quote a commercial, I love eggs. I mean, it seems like most fields of study have some kind of reverence for them. Biology is pretty obvious, Christian faith uses it as an example of the improbability of being three in one, and if there is chef who doesn't love what miracles eggs can perform then they are probably one of those poor Vegan chefs (so hard to be Vegan!)

In any event, I finally found a video recipe for egg drop soup that showed that vital step of adding egg to soup. Most recipes basically say "Add beaten egg to soup" and that's it. With runnyrunny999's video I got to see that the soup wasn't boiling at all (not even a bare simmer). This may seem obvious to you. It wasn't to me.

I really enjoy Runny's videos. He just seems like such a sincere guy, you know? Plus, his recipes usually turn out pretty tasty and you can usually find all the ingredients fairly easily. Give his other videos a look, they're pretty funny.

So, chicken broth, beaten egg slowly poured into very hot but not boiling broth, and some scallions made a very plain jane but delicious egg flower soup which went nicely with the rice I made.

What "well duh" cooking experiences have you had?

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