Monday, September 6, 2010

Curry in a bag, what a quandary...

My lovely friend Lilian was visiting from Seattle on a work related project. I saved her from boredom during the time between duties for her. She preemptively rewarded me with prepackaged, "Golden Curry" curry.

Now, generally I make my own curry from scratch due to that being much cheaper than buying a curry roux brick. I will even admit I was a little hesitant about the fact that it came with vegetables (onion, carrot and potato) already in the curry gravy. It was actually pretty tasty.

I sauteed some fajita beef while I boiled the curry for the recommended time. I figured the sauce would already be generously salted, so I just let its natural beefiness take care of seasoning.

A little rice (the last of the Niko Niko rice which means I get to try the Akitaotome rice soon, but that's another blog), and then I poured the gravy over the beef.

It was about what I was expecting, and tasted almost exactly like the roux brick. The nutritional information was pretty shocking (sodium! calories!), but that package was meant for one and it was split in half, so I felt that it was an all right amount for dinner.

How do you feel about prepackaged dinners?


  1. Prepackaged Dinners
    A necessary evil in my life.
    When I can avoid them, it is best.
    But I am lazy, and busy, and lazy-busy all at the same time.
    I have no time for nutrition, only food.

    I've noticed a lot of people ask questions at the end of blogs. Is this customary?

  2. The questions at the end of the blog are to encourage comments. It's the "include your audience" portion of the program. There are other ways to do it, but since I lack prizes and such, I stick with questions.

  3. I like insulting, and propositioning to mine.