Saturday, August 28, 2010

Second Hand Pan

I found a seven inch, sloped side Le Creuset pan at Goodwill for $8.99. I immediately bought a $12 steak to cook in it.

I mostly followed the "Good Eats" recipe from the debut episode:coating it in salt and pepper, then doing a bear oil rub and searing for three minutes a side, but since the pan has a wooden handle, I transferred it into a preheated baking dish and then into the 500 degree oven. I had never really managed to get a good sear on my steaks before, but I'm blaming the non stick pans, as opposed to saying that the ultra expensive brand was necessary for a beautiful steak.

I semi mashed some potatoes with some carrot thrown in for healthy measure, and finished the plate off with some fresh baby spinach. The mushrooms fried in the pan drippings and butter were almost as good as the steak proper.

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