Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soft shelled crabs, why did you grow such a delicious exoskeleton?

I went to a restaurant in Seattle (on the previous trip no less) and visited a restaurant called "Best Wok". Who could drive by such a provokingly named restaurant?

The wait staff was quite excellent, pulling out my (the lady's) chair, but not The Boyfriend's chair. They even brought out complimentary jello, which seemed a little out of place for a Chinese restaurant. I decided that it was quite all right for an American Chinese restaurant though, and had no trouble scarfing down the jiggling, red flavored desert.

I ordered the soft shelled crab with black bean sauce. That sauce was equally as good or better than the crab and the crab was no slouch either. This was my first time eating soft shelled crab, and I have to admit that its shell reminded me of the shell one might find on a shrimp. If it had not been breaded and deep fried I might have tried to shell it there and then on the table. I figure it probably added calcium or something else vital found in bone like substances. It was nicely crunchy.

Michael got the orange chicken, which was also excellent. It came with a couple slices of orange on the side. The oranges were also very good.

So, while I found the place not very authentic, I enjoyed eating strange sea creatures and well picked orange slices. Plus, how often do I get to eat jello in little parfait glasses?


  1. Where in Seattle, I must go! Also are you moving over here? Miss you much chica!

  2. It's still kind of up in the air, but in the northern portion of the greater Seattle area (like Edmonds, or Mount Lake Terrace). I will also be going. It'll be good to hang out with you again!