Monday, August 30, 2010

Steak Udon Redeux

Some days, you've already cooked a decent meal, gone to work, helped clean the house and just don't feel like cooking. These are also the days when you have neither the inclination, nor the cash for eating out.

In comes the daughter of necessity, the Leftover Remake!

I actually made The Boyfriend make this meal. It's left over steak, and instant udon from a refrigerated packet with some green onion slices on top.

This isn't the usual brand of udon that I buy (I can't remember the name, but aside from this trip to my local grocer it was the only kind I could find). This is Fortune Brand udon. It's a thinner noodle, and doesn't quite have that chewy texture I crave when I'm craving udon, but the flavor was acceptable for instant soup base and the ingredients didn't make me shudder.

I bought some dried udon once upon a time, but that quickly turned into a disaster though I follow the directions to a tee. This may be why it is so hard to find. Soba (and ramen) are my go to dry, Japanese noodles.

In any event, it was a very tasty way to use up what would have been too small a cut of steak. We've all heard the "Asian cooking uses meat as a flavoring not as a main component" jive enough times, but there's a reason why cliches linger.

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