Friday, October 22, 2010

Back in the Library

My friends, I have seen things. I have seen the meaty offerings of a Korean market, and let me tell you that I was startled by things! There were things I thought were mainly eaten by the French (frogs' legs and the ilk), and things I knew not the purpose of (pig jowls). There was a bounty of rice, in sacks fifty pounds in weight and the size of a small child.

I went to a Super H-Mart, which is a place I'll most likely go back to, especially considering it's just across the way from the Alderwood Mall. I was intimidated by some of my finds, and by the fact that all the over head broadcasts were in what I assumed to be Korean (I base this on my ability to recognize written Korean, if I cannot actually pretend to read it, like Japanese).

You see, all I know about Korean culture I have learned from J and K dorama. And in fact, the only K dorama (Korean soap opera) that I've watched was the show Coffee Prince This means I know exactly nothing, except that you can find good coffee shops in Korea.

In any event, I've found a reputable, but cheap source of quail eggs, so be prepared for their appearance.


  1. Ooo! I've been wondering where to get quail's eggs! H-Mart is on my way home from school.

    I need to introduce you to India Sweets. Friday?


  2. Hog Jowls! :D