Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just like Mama used to make

These camera less days are just as hard on me as they are on you. I think I'm going to use The Boyfriend's camera here shortly.

But for now, another wild tale with no photographic evidence.

When I was little, sometimes my mom would make been burritos. All they were was composed of refried beans, salsa and a tortilla. So simple, so easy! Mix, fill, bake, good. They also freeze well, making them a great fall back meal.

I didn't quite go the burrito route this time. The tortillas we have are too small to easily fill and fold. No, I mixed beans and salsa, covered the surface with shredded Monterrey Jack cheese, and microwaved until the cheese melted. Then it was corn chip city. It was kind of like nachos, only without at least half the ingredients.

Sometimes you just need something easy and filling, and let's face it: beans are healthy and super cheap. Plus, I use chunky style salsa, so I'm sure there was at least one serving of vegetables in there... I'm sure of it...

In any event, it was delicious and right now that's all that I'm after.

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