Friday, October 29, 2010


So, as I mentioned before, there are a few ethnic grocery stores about my (extended) neighborhood. At "JD's Vegetables" there were goat chops. I had to try them

I used what I like to call "the steak method" on the chops (sear on both sides, then finish in the oven).

While that was happening I also used my rice cooker's steam basket to steam some couscous. This required wrapping it up in a clean kitchen towel, then stopping midway through to rub olive oil all over the tiny noodles, trying to coat and separate each one. I think the point of stopping midway through is to avoid a chewy and unpleasant texture. This I seasoned with lime juice and black pepper and just a smidge of salt.

There was also a vegetable stirfry, which I believe I also seasoned with salt, black pepper and lime. I was kind of trying to get a semi Middle Eastern flavor going on, but I'll be honest and admit I have no knowledge of that food and was winging it. I believe that I put a couple pinches of garam masala into the vegetables.

I ate it mostly with my fingers, which I find makes most bone-in chops more delicious. Probably not a dinner I would serve to guests (along with any other messy foods), but very tasty.

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