Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lamen (ka naaaaa?)

So, the other night, I made faux ramen. (The title is kind of a play on that 'cause the Japanese r/l relationship...anyway)

When I close my department down, I'm usually too tired to cook, but I managed to muster up the courage to face the stove.

I made broth from red miso (fun fact, Sarah cannot stand the brand of white miso available to her, but loves the red miso), chicken broth, and I had some bonito flakes, so I threw those in too. Since the Japanese instructions had handy drawings on the back, I knew I was supposed to strain them out. Being lazy as I am, I just put a wire strainer in the pot, then added the bonito flakes inside of it. I fished it out later. To season the broth, I added just a little soy sauce ('cause the chicken broth was already quite salty), grated ginger, and some oyster sauce. I left that to simmer and mingle.

For the "goodies" portion of the ramen, I large diced some chicken thighs (which were thankfully already boned), with some onion and asparagus, both of which also met my knife. I sauteed these until they were mostly done, then threw them in the broth.

Next I cranked up the heat on the broth until it was really boiling, and opened up two of those ten cent packets of instant noodles, and put the noodles proper into the soup until they were done.

I used a pasta claw to put all the noodles and goodies into the bowls, and then ladled the broth in afterwards.

If I hadn't been already very tired, I probably would have boiled and peeled a couple eggs to add at the end, or broken out the freezer gyoza. These are good things to eat with ramen.

Also, ramen is generally made with pork broth, and has all sorts of other goodies in it, but this was "refrigerator ramen", not "special shopping trip ramen".

If you've got any ramen recipes of your own, post a comment on it!

The Almost Daily Sarah

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  1. i like to make a special kind of protein breakfast ramen. first i boil some water and throw 2 packets of ramen in to let them cook. i then grab some eggs and scramble a few of them in a pan. while cooking the eggs i will take some lunch meats out of the fridge ( turkey and ham) and mix them with the eggs once the eggs are just about done. i then grade some cheese ( i prefer cheddar mixed with some mozzarella). Next i strain the noodles and put them in a bowl. next adding the eggs and lunch meat along with the cheese. if done right, the ramen and meats should be hot enough to melt the cheese. add salt and pepper as desired. enjoy!