Saturday, April 10, 2010


Two posts in one day! It must be delicious days for Sarah and The Boyfriend.

So, that picture is from one of my favorite cooking sites . My mayo looked pretty much the same though.

So, making mayonnaise is one of those simple but not easy feats that life likes to throw your way. I followed the "Good Eats" (Alton samaaaaaaa!) recipe for this, paying extra close attention because I've heard the horror stories of broken sauces and pools of oil lying on top of strings of yolk and vinegar.

The recipe involved:
one egg yolk (large)
1/8th tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 ground mustard
2 tsp lemon juice
1 TBsp white wine vinegar
1 cup safflower (or corn) oil

bowl (glass or ceramic)
measuring spoons
measuring cup
egg yolk separator (I think it's easier just using your hands)

I've had it up to here with corn being in everything so I went with safflower oil.

Anyway, you beat the dry ingredients (and sugar) with the yolk, and mix the vinegar and lemon juice together and put half of it in the yolk mess. Then you add half the oil a drop at a time while beating vigorously. Then you add the other half of the lemon vinegar, and continue to beat the oil in, again one drop at a time.

Now, I have ADD, a symptom of which is when you can focus, you're super focused. I beat and whipped that mass of liquids into a semi solid for at least half an hour without wavering. I can't even watch a show I like for that long without playing solitaire in the middle of it. It's good to know that mayonnaise is healthy for me in one regard, even if it's mental.

Anyway, you leave the mayo out for an hour or two at room temperature so the vinegar and lemon juice can do their thing and ensure that your sauce is safe to eat the next day. Home made mayo is only good to eat for about a week, so keep that in mind.

I was kind of nervous at the prospect of eating raw egg in any form, especially since I've been made aware that the majority of eggs in the supermarket are what I now refer to as "madness eggs". See, egg laying chickens have it the worse of any industrial chicken because they don't have to look pretty at any point. So, they get shoved in the tiniest of cages where they go crazy and start self mutilating. Now, that's a lot of hate going into a fertility symbol and potentially potent source of nutrition. I just feel bad about the whole thing.

I have, however, found that my local health food store has locally and happily produced eggs from chickens who get to walk around chasing bugs and stuff. The yolk was especially pretty too. They should get a brighter color as the weather gets better.

Anyway, I have happy eggs and home made mayo that needs to be used up. I foresee some deviled eggs coming up in my future.

Please share your thoughts with us!

The Almost Daily Sarah

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