Saturday, April 3, 2010

My oh my it's some stirfry

My shifts at work have been fluctuating, not in the amount of them so much as in the times they occur. After closing down the place on Friday, today (Saturday) I opened it at six this morning. As it's about ten now, I am a very sleepy Sarah.

At the store, they had 15% snow crab 85% white fish crab sticks. They're no real crab leg, but they're pretty tasty. I tend to think of them more like a fish sausage (naruto maki anyone?) than as a substitute crab.

I stir fried some red pepper strips (eating a few raw as cook's treat) with onion and garlic in some butter. I also steamed a few stalks of asparagus and boiled some more black rice to get enough colors in the meal. Interesting note, The Boyfriend has trouble eating a full length asparagus spear, but no trouble eating many half pieces of asparagus spears. I guess it's all in how you perceive.

Now, I was tricked by a delicious sample into buying a three chocolate mousse cake. I halved and hulled some strawberries and cut some very small pieces of the cake for dessert. It was especially good if used a larger chunk of strawberry to wipe up the chocolate from your plate at the end. I wonder if I would have to run less if I had less delicious cakes. I also wonder if I would be less happy with less delicious cakes.

The Boyfriend came with me for my run to encourage me. He decided to run way faster than me at one point, which really sparked my competitive streak. Since the urge to not throw up such a luxurious meal out weighed my desire to catch up and pass my darling The Boyfriend I had to comfort myself with the knowledge that I could always trip him up if he actually lapped me.

I think I might invest in a jump rope. That way I could just bounce around the yard when the local track might be in use by the people who actually own it. I think I was fairly good at it too, once upon a time.

The Almost Daily Sarah

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