Saturday, April 10, 2010


So, I made miso soup for breakfast/lunch (no work = sleeping in). I didn't actually use an instant mix, though I've had that particular kind before. The instant kind is okay, but I can't imagine it's terribly healthy for you. I read the other day that eating three bowls of miso soup a day "significantly reduces" the risk of breast cancer. Here's the thing though, that's a lot of miso soup. I don't ingest anything three times a day. Like, not even the same liquids.

Also, my goal in cooking is flavor, and then health. The idea is that if I can train myself to crave only healthy things I will ruin my mouth for industrial foods (Micky D's and so on).

Anyway, my soup's broth was made out of konbu, a "sea vegetable" that you find dried into strips. I think the strips are supposed to be universally the same dimensions, like butter sticks. I used four cups of water with the strip of konbu, and added two tsps of wakame which is another "sea vegetable" but this comes in little shreds that really expand when cooked. I added some of those dried fish flakes (bonito) again on the other side of a mesh strainer. After about five minutes of boiling these things, I removed the bonito flakes. Then I dissolved about two tsp of red miso in the soup. I like my miso salty, so you might use less and taste.

At the last second I added silken tofu chunks (which jiggles in an initially discomforting way. The jiggling grew on me.), and chopped green onions were the garnish. I had already cooked some salmon the night before, so I heated that up while cooking some rice.

Really, there should have been more veggies in the meal, but there were five natural colors (white rice, brown broth, red fish, dark green wakame, bright green onions). So, it should've been pretty healthy, right?

If you've tried making miso before, let me know!

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