Thursday, April 1, 2010

Forbidden Dover Sole (for reals this time)

So, I read in a book that farm raised fish have less of the omegas that wild fish do because wild fish eat bugs and other fish (like they're supposed to do) and farm raised fish eat corn. I previously made it my habit not to eat top level predators, but in light of needing to support not feeding grain to animals not meant for that, I will now make it my hobby.

I could probably (make that definitely) go on a rant about my problems with corn as not corn, but it's a little early in the blog for that.

Instead, let me regale you with tales of more exotic and forbidden grains: Forbidden Rice.

Basically, it's more delicious than brown rice, but healthier than white rice. I contemplated serving it with white asparagus for a "what's wrong with all the colors?" kind of meal, but decided against it. White fish (baked then smeared with butter and parsley) and steamed green asparagus.

The Boyfriend's comments on such a rare delicacy were "It makes my mouth tired". These are often the complaints that accompany any whole grain rice. I felt that the
black rice (that looked pretty black after cooking) was much easier to chew than brown rice in general. one of the features that was mentioned frequently on all the online information about it was on how it cooks in "just" half an hour. I usually use calrose rice (short grained and sticky) which is reliably done in half an hour on the stove top. After watching Alton Browns "speed rice technique" I'm starting to wonder if most rice takes longer. It could be that it's amazingly fast for a whole grain rice to cook in half an hour, but for white rice? Have I just not ventured far enough into the world of grains? Ah well, there's always the future for more adventuring.

This meal was enjoyed while watching "The Warriors", a movie that was based on a novel, with vague nods towards ancient Greek warriors in general. In the movie, nine unarmed emissaries from each gang go to a big gathering where an influential man named "Cyrus" is attempting to get them to unite to take down the police and the mafia. It was at this point, five minutes into the movie that I stopped being able to take this movie seriously. It wasn't the variously themed and costumed gangs with names like "The Turnable ACs", "The Riffs", "The Baseball Furies", "The Lizzies" or "The Tall Hats". It's like this brilliant new leader of this New York gangs doesn't realize how the police work. If the police get over run, they'll just send in the National Guard. And taking on the mob and the police at the same time? It'd probably be wiser to take on the police and get sent to jail than take on the mob and find your mom's hands in your mail box.

Anyway, this Cyrus guy gets shot, and the Warriors get blamed and they're on a night long escape back to Coney Island. All in all, for all the flack I just gave it, it's a fun movie to watch, and the kind of movie I enjoy watching and picking apart. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes cheesy gang movies.

on a side note, I don't know what I did to my neck, but it is super sore. Like, if I move it the wrong way, it feels too tight and just generally achey. Maybe I slept on it wrong, but I have one of those "I'm super good for your neck!" pillows, so it seems less likely. I've been massaging it myself, but it doesn't seem to be doing much good. Any thoughts?

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