Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Forbidden Beans and Rice

So, it was actually just regular Beans and Rice, 'cause it was jasmine rice, but I did purchase "Forbidden Rice" ( which according to the packaging is the same strain of rice that the Emperor of China (no info about actual dates or emperors involved on the box or product site) ate exclusively. I bought it 'cause it's pretty and black. Apparently it turns purple when cooked, which isn't nearly as cool.

A quick wikipedia search has shown that Emperor Kangxi of the Quing Dynasty, ate it and thought it was rad.

The Beans and Rice recipe was again courtesy of Alton Brown. I suspect that I need to learn how to scale his recipes down though, because I still have a "whole mess of beans". I'll try to convince the Boyfriend to take some for lunch.

The interesting thing about Beans and Rice is how it takes bits and pieces from the various cultures that were in the same area. Like the slave population came with the beans, then the east Asian workers came with the rice, and the Spanish population with the spices. or at least that's how I vaguely remember it.

The Boyfriend's comments basically boiled down to that it was very filling.

Let me know if you've messed with either beans, white rice or forbidden rice...!

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