Saturday, March 20, 2010

oh yeah... updating!

So, I have been drawing comics, I just haven't been cleaning up/scanning them, so that explains their absence.

I have, however, become the proud owner of a brand new, pitch black, multi speed immersion blender. It's just been soup city baby!

See, the beauty of the immersion blender is that you can get thick creamy soups without adding actual cream. I've made a batch of butternut squash soup that I wouldn't have made otherwise (adding boiling soup ladle by ladle into the standing blender? That's way too time consuming and messy). I will say however, that I need to become the owner of a splatter guard. I saw Alton Brown (Aruten samaaaaaaaa!) make one out of a frisbee into which he had drilled a hole with a slit to allow the blender inside.

Here's a recipe without a comic (yet?)

Butternut Squash soup


baking sheet
soup pot
blender (I like immersion, but you can make do with a standing blender)
basting brush (they make them out of silicone now, so they're easy to wash)


1 butternut squash
3 to 4 cups chicken broth
1 tsp nutmeg (fresh ground if you've got it)
salt (if your broth isn't salty enough)
melted butter/oil for baking

Preheat the oven to 350 F
Cut the squash in half. Be careful because it will fight you, and it's a knife fight.
Scrape out seeds (if you're adventurous you can clean and bake them for an edible garnish)
Put the squash onto the baking sheet.
Brush the squash with the melted butter.
Bake for approximately one hour or until tender

When the squash is tender, scoop out the meat and place into the pot. (If you wait a few minutes for the squash to cool, this step is much easier).
Add the chicken broth to the squash. Reserve about a cup.
Turn your burner to medium high heat.
Add tsp of nutmeg.
Cook squash until mushy.
Take the blender to it.
If the consistency is too thick, add more broth and stir.
If the consistency is just right, congratulations, you have butternut squash soup.

I like it with chicken and steamed brussel sprouts.

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