Monday, March 22, 2010

So easy, even a Sarah can do it!

So, I went on a "let go out of town for a couple hours!" kind of date to Yakima. The main reason was to go in search of kitchen shears that separate (as I have raved about in the last update). I'll be upset if I have to go to Seattle just to find them. Very upset :(

Anyway, while we were there, we went to a restaurant called "Super Mongolian Grill". The food wasn't great. The soup was pretty bland, the desert item (aside from cut fruit) was bananas in strawberry syrup, and the build your own BBQ itself was less than tasty. Yes, it was my bad decision to put Polish sausage in a stir fry, but they were the ones who made it an option. The Boyfriend and I were both disappointed. Also, a man in a backwards Pac Man hat (which was pretty rad) and a "God'z Gang" jacket (I disapprove of intentional mispellings) came over and tried to sell us a Christian rap disc and was pretty hard to shake. He kept going on about how if you give them God will make you "win the lottery tomorrow" and citing how when he gave a homeless person $20 his aunt who never gives him money gave him $300. The owner was standing within ear shot of all of this and should have told him to stop soliciting her customers, but I'm not sure if her English was good enough.

So, after a disappointing shopping/eating trip (though we did get some fun things like socks and stuff) it was nice to be home. I made some dinner by making rice, boiling sausage and making a vegetable gratin (sort of).

It was kind of a half gratin, because after prepping some vegetables (cutting Brussel sprouts in half, trimming asparagus, quartering carrots, and wedging a tomato) I tossed it all in salt and oil, then broiled it with a little Jarlesburg cheese grated on top. According to the interweb, a gratin must also have bread crumbs. I suppose it was really L├ęgumes Gratinee (vegetables with cheese). When the veggies were fork tender, I grated a little more cheese on top, then scooped it all into a white bowl for serving. Like the title suggests, it was super easy.

The Boyfriend doesn't really like tomato, so I should have cut the pieces smaller, but it's okay that we have left over veggies. I'll just cut them into smaller chunks and make omelettes with the left overs. Maybe I'll toss them with garlic and pepper first. That sounds tasty.

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