Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today I had a great dinner that was 66% made from "Good Eats" recipes and 33% salad. Although, if you count the dressing, I'm sure the percentages get much more complicated.

There's something to be said for cutting the spine from a chicken. one thing to be said is that I never want to disrespect my boyfriend's mom's kitchen shears. I have come to believe that if I disrespect them, they will cut off one of my fingers. They are truly a tool to be respected.

I've been looking for a good pair of shears for myself, but the local stores basically have glorified scissors. Now, I know that it sounds like kitchen shears are just glorified scissors, but the difference (besides cutting power) is that you can easily disassemble shears and clean in all the nooks and crannies, where as the bolted together models have places were germs can prosper and live happily before the relocate into you. I wouldn't say that I'm a germophobe so much as I don't like chicken blood cross contaminating everything.

So, I made roasted chicken a la "A Bird in the Pan" episode of "Good Eats". This requires "butterflying" a chicken (a.k.a. cutting its spine out and laying it flat) along with stuffing its skin with delicious seasonings. I won't lie, the sounds the shears made as they separated skin and bone were distressing. However, I know that if I can't handle such a measly thing as that, then my hopes of becoming a chef are just day dreams.

For the salad, I threw together some baby spinach, celery, carrot "noodles" (thin carrot slices that were made using a peeler), and avocado (tossed in lemon juice of course). I made a dressing out of the pan drippings, vinegar, and mustard. It was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. I meant to add grapes, but I forgot.

The BoyFriend's comments on this dinner were "It was delicious!" and "Those scissors are not for paper".

Pictures to come when I find my camera's cable.

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