Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Road House

Tonight was my friend Matt's birthday dinner, so a bunch of his friends got together and had dinner at The Road House which is in a building that was built for the Red Robin corporation and serves food of the same kind of menu a Red Robin would serve. I had an open face sandwich with chicken, pesto, and deep fried artichoke hearts. I think the sandwich would have been much better if they hadn't deep fried the artichokes, because the breading was so salty. The Boyfriend and I shared some potato skins which were pretty tasty, if a little over done. To be fair to the kitchen staff, there were like twenty of us and they got our food out pretty quickly, all things considered.

I noticed the waitress squat down to take our orders and I remembered a statistic on (a totally safe for work website) that said that servers often get a bigger tip if they squat. I kind of wonder why that is. Do they look like they're working harder if they squat? Are they removing a sense of authority (and therefore emotional distance) by "coming down to our level"? I'm probably over thinking this, and if most servers know they get bigger tips by doing it they probably do it with no other intention or thought about it.

Anyway, I have to be at work at six tomorrow, so I'll sign off here.

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