Sunday, March 28, 2010

Running off them pot pies

So, you know when you bake a whole chicken, and you have like only two eaters and you're really bad at eating left overs? Yeah, that's when it's time to bust out the pot pies. This is my "Sort of Lazy but really Tasty Chicken Pot Pie".

cooked chicken (roughly a breast's worth)
one cup onion (diced)
oil (1 TBSP)
butter (2 TBSP)
Mixed veggies (2 cups)
AP Flour (3 TBSP)
Crescent Rolls (1 package)
Milk (1 cup)
Chicken stock (1 cup)
Salt (to taste)
Curry powder (1 TBSP)
garlic (2 cloves smashed then thinly sliced)

large skillet
1.5 qt casserole dish
knife (if you don't have one shame on you)

I boned and skinned a chicken breast and cut it into chunks, then set it aside. Then I finally diced some onions and sweated them (that means cook slowly on low heat until transparent. Any noise from your pan means that you're frying). I would have sweated some celery with it, but I forgot that I was out of it. I used grape seed oil to sweat the onion in because it was closer, I mean because it's super healthy and has a ridiculously high smoke point.

Next I added the rest of my veggies into the pan (I used frozen corn and canned green beans) and let them heat up. Then I added butter, let it melt, and added the flour, stirring constantly until it browned a little. After that I added the liquids and let them evaporate and thicken. The curry powder and garlic joined the sauce.

Because I'm a genius, I forgot to add my chicken until my sauce thickened. Luckily, it already had curry paste on it from it's first dinner incarnation, so it had plenty of flavor.

The next step was scooping the delectable mess into the casserole dish and topping with the crescent dough. The Pilsbury Dough Boy brand was actually cheaper and had fewer unrecognizable ingredients than the store brand.

Since all the ingredients but the dough were already cooked, I just put the whole thing into a 350F oven for 15 minutes.

The Boyfriend said "The seasonings were really good Sarah!"

of course, after such a luxurious meal (and a ((small)) bowl of peanut butter chocolate ice cream) I had to go for a run. And run I did. I think I was able to push myself a little harder than last time, so hopefully I'm getting healthier. I certainly breathe better after I've been running. Which isn't to say immediately after, because at that time I'm often doing my best "fish out of water" impression.

I noticed last time it was the day after the day after my last run that I really felt sore. I wonder why that is? Maybe I wouldn't have felt sore at all if I had run that next day :P Always a lap ahead of sore limbs.

Now I'm going to reward myself with a movie, so I'm signing off.

The Almost Daily Sarah

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